After looking through all of my T.A. documents from last year, it dawns on me:

Mr. Haskell literally NEVER signs his own name to a paper.

I bet you anything the signature on his employee ID says “Bilbo Baggins.”

Second year in a row I got assigned to be Haskell’s T.A.

Which probably wouldn’t bother me as much if I didn’t spend so much time proof-reading his character sheet.

I read the encyclopedia for fun.


Summer vacation is almost over, so classes will start soon.  I have once again filled my schedule with the same classes that Lizzie is taking because she is my best friend and we do everything together.

However, I will be devoting all of my time and energy into the new Improv club.  I’m starting it, so I’ll obviously be the President.  Watch out MFCC, Kara’s getting ready to make you laugh your faces off.


I love you, but I haven’t had a vacation since second grade.

Do you ever feel like there’s someone just sitting around scripting out your entire life?  And, like, that they’re also really an asshole?

draco—-malfoy started following you

I have spent three days sleeping underneath a piano to hide from the Improv Nazi.